As the year draws to a close, my mind is full of dreams for 2020 and beyond. It feels like every lap of the sun Planet Earth takes gets faster and faster and the months just fly by. Ensuring I turn these dreams into reality is an important part of my positive mental health and wellbeing.

Foremost, I want to be happy with what I achieve in life plus I want to leave a positive legacy for my son Atlas and my family so they’re proud of the person who actually accomplished his extra-ordinary visions.

Research shows the best way of forcing yourself to get something done is to write it down, set a date it’ll happen and announce it to people whose opinions you value. It works for me and the logic is, it’s exceedingly difficult to back down from a public declaration as no-one wants to lose face!


So, to get you all inspired and motivated, I’m looking for people who are willing to make a public New Year’s Resolution about an adventure you’ll undertake in the next 12 months, on our Best Life Adventures Facebook page. And as January 1 is a bloody awful, hangover-filled day for making resolutions you’ll never stick to, let’s start today.

Most New Year’s Resolutions are wholly futile. Nothing more than a brief glimpse of who and what you would like to be before you slip back down to be the same mildly disappointing person you were last year. Don’t worry I share your pain.

How about you stop dreaming big and acting small? Do you have the guts to make a public resolution?

Not only that, can you make a resolution knowing that I’m going to message you in six months’ time to find out how you’re getting on? And, once you realise your success, I’d like to share your progress, story and adventure on our Facebook page for our Best Life Adventures audience to marvel at and be inspired by.


So, here is my challenge to you. If you are serious that 2020 will be the year that you take steps to do what you really want to do with your life, why not start right now?

Follow this link to our Best Life Adventures Facebook page and declare what your adventure resolution for 2020 will be in 25 words or less as a comment and make sure you include the #tags – #adventureresolution and #bestlifeadventures. In six months’ time I’ll message you for a progress report and then publish the details on our Facebook Page. Dream big and together we can make them happen.

Making a public declaration is a courageous thing. So, to offset your show of confidence, I’ll reward the five best and boldest comments with a signed copy of my book ‘Best Job in the World: How you can make a living by following your dreams, a Best Life Adventures t-shirt and Best Life Adventures buff. Plus I’ll give an hour of personal mentoring and advice to the person who comes up with the best resolution so you can get your adventure up and running. Pretty cool hey?


If the first step to achieving a dream is to write it down and the second step is to go public…here goes!

What’s my adventurous commitment for 2020? Well, I have two:

• To run my first 100-miler trail race – a benchmark distance for ultra-runners and something I’ve dreamt about finishing for ten years, and

• To finally execute a long-term plan – my first Salt to Summit expedition – to multi-sport race from the lowest point of a country to the highest, starting right here in Australia. If you want to find out more and think you’re up for a multi-sport endurance challenge, I’m looking for other bad-ass adventurers to give it a go.

If you’re interested to find out what it’s all about and potentially be part of this world-first, contact me and I’ll share the Expedition Proposal with you. Otherwise, choose your adventure for 2020 from this flyer which lists all our expeditions for the year ahead.

Sending adventurous good vibes to you from the Best Life Adventures team throughout your uber-adventurous 2020. Get your entry in now…and good luck!

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