Kayak the Whitsundays August 2024

The stunning beauty of the Whitsundays islands are best explored by water, far from the madding crowds and we've curated this expedition from our intimate knowledge of the Whitsundays, having experienced them by land, air and sea over the last decade. Paddle the eastern seaboard, explore hidden coves and bays, and camp under a carpet of stars.
Whitsundays, Queensland
TBC August 2024
Level 3: Active

Everest Base Camp Trek April 2024

Overview It’s the mountain of all mountains – the highest point on Planet Earth. For many years, Mount Everest was only accessible to the local villagers who call it home and the bravest of mountain explorers. Now, this high-altitude legend can be traversed by practically anyone who aspires to witness its majesty firsthand. There a […]
Level 4: Highly Active

Extreme Dreams: Patagonia 2025

Overview EXTREME DREAMS: PATAGONIA This expedition is our first foray into the wilds of South America and to celebrate, we’ve brought together the stuff of dreams – watching icebergs calve from glaciers, wild camping on black sandy beaches and witnessing the last rays of sunshine bathe distant snow-clad peaks in liquid amber. We’ll trek around […]
Patagonia, Chile
4 - 17 MAR 2025
Level 4: Highly Active


Are you an Extreme Dreamer? This is one seriously cool Best Life Adventure – in more ways than one. The magnetic magic of the Northern Lights has long been a drawcard to explore the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle; hence, our Tri-Nation Arctic Challenge was born. This Extreme Dreams expedition sees us power our way […]
Arctic Circle. Norway, Finland, Sweden
4 - 11 JAN 2025
Level 4: Highly Active

Mount Jagungal Wilderness 20-26 August 2024

Overview MOUNT JAGUNGAL WILDERNESS EXPEDITION This is our first snow-bound expedition on Australian soil and it’s an absolute cracker. Experience the captivating seclusion of a multi-day ski tour through the magnificent Snowy Mountains. Embark on an adventure from Munyang Power Station to the iconic Mt. Jagungal and back. This challenging yet rewarding expedition delves deep […]
Jagungal Wilderness NSW, Australia
20 - 26 August, 2024
Level 3: Active
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