Moreton Bay Wilderness

The hidden islands of Moreton Bay are best explored by kayak and we've built an expedition to get away from the madding crowds, back into nature and interact with a multitude of marine life whilst camping under the stars. Three days of pioneering sea-country adventure around two of the world's largest sand islands.
Moreton Bay, Queensland
9-11 JUNE 2023
Level 2: Moderate

Extreme Dreams: Torres Strait

This Extreme Dreams; Torres Strait expedition is a one-of-a-kind, pioneering, raw adventure in untamed sea country. We'll travel between the islands in outrigger canoes, stay at impromptu beachside campsites and explore the spiritual side of this archipelago. It's not for the feint-hearted and not everything will go to plan. What we can guarantee is a true 'Robinson Crusoe' style adventure.
Torres Strait, Queensland
25 Sept - 3rd October 2023
Level 4: Highly Active

Kayak the Whitsundays

The stunning beauty of the Whitsundays islands are best explored by water, far from the madding crowds and we've curated this expedition from our intimate knowledge of the Whitsundays, having experienced them by land, air and sea over the last decade. Paddle the eastern seaboard, explore hidden coves and bays, and camp under a carpet of stars.
Whitsundays, Queensland
TBC August 2023
Level 2: Moderate

Hike to Everest Base Camp

It’s the mountain of all mountains – the highest point on planet earth. For many years, Mt Everest was only accessible to the local villagers who call it home and the bravest of mountain explorers. Now, this high altitude legend can be traversed by practically anyone who aspires to witness its majesty firsthand.
April/May & Oct/Nov
Level 3: Active/Moderate

Ride the World’s Highest Road (Motorcycle)

The Leh-Manali Highway is not only the world’s highest road, it’s also the most beautiful place on earth – a big call, we know. This high-altitude course is like a playground for the gods; ever-changing, yet eternally spectacular.
Ladakh, Northern India
1 – 13 September 2023
Level 1: Easy


The Tri-Nation Arctic Challenge is quickly becoming one of our most popular Extreme Dreams expeditions. Taking us to the nexus of Norway, Finland and Sweden, it sees us snow-shoe and dog-sled our way through the dramatic Arctic tundra, with little more than the Aurora Borealis to guide our way. This expedition isn’t for the feint-hearted and it won’t be found in any travel brochure.
Arctic Circle. Norway, Finland, Sweden
10 - 17 JAN 2023 | JAN 2024
Level 4: Highly Active

Extreme Dreams: Wildest Africa and the Mountains of the Moon

The latest of our Extreme Dreams challenges ventures beyond well-trodden trails and tourist-saturated safaris. We climb Mt Stanley (5109m), the third highest in Africa on the border of Uganda and the Congo, and from here wander amongst the mighty beasts of the Serengeti, one of the most idyllic African safari locations on the continent.
Uganda, Tanzania
10 - 24 July 2023
Level 4: Highly Active