What a conversation! On July 7th 2021, Kirsty Wirth, the founder of Kultured Wellness, joined us for an interactive webinar where we unpacked how your gut function is directly related to you living your best life and nailing all your big adventure dreams.

How you fuel your body and nurture your gut and digestive system is key to turning off inflammation, creating a space for your body to recover easily and allow you to have longevity in living an adventurous life. There’s no point in just gritting your teeth to get across the finish line, when there are better ways to do it.

We discussed the ins and outs of a therapeutic ketogenic diet for recovery and reduced inflammation, how fermented foods are crucial to your training program and how you can see from your stool tests how much energy your body is producing and how you can optimised that for your next adventure.

Thank you to those who joined us live for the webinar. If you missed or want to listen again, check out the recording below.

If you didn’t register for the webinar and would like to know more about the exclusive Best Live Adventures discount code for Kultured Wellness consults, products and programs, email [email protected]

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Here’s to living your #bestlife in the great outdoors and better gut health to support your adventures.


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