Every year Best Life Adventures curate and deliver bespoke, wilderness adventures for corporate teams from across Australia. This year we cast aside the shadow of Covid, and headed to the shadow of Mount Barney for two days, to learn the art of navigation and territory mapping with the teams from Mount Barney Lodge and the Nomadic School of Business.

Two days with the team from Balanz, learning the art of mapping and navigation around Mount Barney (1354m ASL), Queensland’s fourth highest peak.

Adventure stripped back to the basics – MAP | COMPASS | BRAINPOWER.

Understand the contours, set your course and execute. Day one was all about planning and plotting.

Best Life Adventures worked with Innes Larkin and the team from Mount Barney Lodge to deliver a two-day Mapping Expedition – first in the classroom, then in the great outdoors.

From navigation mapping to territory mapping and unlocking the psyche of first nation people around the world to understand where we see our community, threats and opportunities.

Does anything beat home-cooked damper on a campfire?!

Sunrise over the spectacular Mount Barney.

A day navigating and exploring Mount Barney National Park without a GPS in sight.

Towering above the surrounding landscape, Mount Barney is a seriously challenging day out but definitely a bucket-list must-do.

Champagne summit at the end of a big day in the wilderness.

Best Life Adventures can design and deliver bespoke corporate adventures for you and your team across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world (once we can get there again!) for groups of 4 – 400 people for single day, overnight and extended adventures.

If you want to experience our Bare Bones Boardrooms, Champagne Summits, Digital Disconnection or learn from the Nomadic School of Business, contact us and we’ll make the magic happen.

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