Extreme Dreams Expeditions

Welcome to the world of bat-shit-crazy, the stuff dreams are made of.  
Think physically demanding, mentally challenging and culturally immersive.
They are enjoyably hardcore and the ethos of true adventure.

Our Extreme Dreams expeditions are forged from the tough stuff. We take you to the remote, uncharted corners of Planet Earth to embark on physical journeys of personal discovery, where you need to dig deep and embrace the hurt locker.  They’re the ultimate experience to help you disconnect, engage in the moment and push your personal comfort zone resulting in a holistic sense of overwhelming achievement. 

Once the mission is complete we immerse you in the best of the surroundings and spend time with the locals to celebrate our team’s newfound success.  

From the frozen tundra of the Arctic winter to the precipitous mountains of equatorial Africa, to the untamed sea country of the Torres Strait – these expeditions aren’t for the faint-hearted. Are you up for the challenge?

Remember these expeditions won’t be found in any tourist brochure – they push the boundaries of what adventurous people, call challenging.

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