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In our view, planet earth is the ultimate classroom and there’s no greater teacher than ‘adventure travel’. We curate and lead private expeditions specifically tailored for adolescents (aged 12 – 21), with the intention of improving their resilience, confidence, health, curiosity and appreciation for the real world around them – sans social media and other distracting technologies.

We can design and lead expeditions for any type of youth group, including: groups of friends, siblings/entire families, school groups or sport/co-curricular teams. We can whisk them away to practically any corner of the planet (New Zealand, South East Asia, the Whitsundays and Tasmania are popular choices for young adventurers), and cater for any sport preference or fitness level.

Adventure travel can be the ultimate solution for those looking for:
· an alternative to schoolies/a coming-of-age experience
· bonding time with family/friends
· a unique gift or way to celebrate a milestone
· a much-needed physical/mental reset after exams
· a break from technology or other unhealthy habits and routines
· entertainment during the holidays

Whatever your needs are, our youth expeditions are guaranteed to be character-building, safe and unforgettable life experiences, combining both physical and cultural adventures to strengthen and inspire the mind.

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