Breakthrough Mongolia



When to Go

TBC: March – October

Fitness Level

Level 2: Moderate


Every single Best Life Adventure changes me and that’s exactly why I seek them out. Venturer Whitsundays gave me clarity on major life decisions. Trekking to Everest Base Camp taught me how to ask for help, and Mongolia taught me how to slow down – to do half as much in order to double my impact.
Aaron Birkby

Founder, Peak Persona

It sounds quite dramatic to say that our trip to Mongolia was life-changing, yet that is what it was for me. The digital disconnection meant we had conversations which were deeper and more meaningful and really had an impact on how I work and live. It gave me the space to process what I wanted to do moving forward while appreciating where I’ve come from and some key milestones along the way.
Julia Telford

Director and Activator, Engage & Create Consulting


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