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TBC: March – October

Fitness Level

Level 2: Moderate



We’ve designed a pioneering program to help leaders, innovators and decision makers improve their mental resilience, physical stamina and business connections through the vehicle of adventure.

Prepare to embark on the expedition of a lifetime as we travel deep into the Mongolian steppe for a week of adventures for the mind, body and spirit – all with the aim of helping you and your business breakthrough to the next level.

We venture far from the madding crowd, disconnect from the digital world and embark on a week of physical adventure, personal development, business workshops and mindset coaching with the team from Best Life Adventures, Business Depot, Peak Persona and the Nomadic School of Business.

Often in business, we can lose track of where we want to go or need a catalyst to make the change you need to make to succeed.  Whether you are feeling stuck in your business and don’t know what to do next, just starting your business and need a plan, need to dive deep into your strategy with a clear mind or just want to challenge your thinking, this adventure is for you.

We are bringing together in the one amazing place everyone you need help you business breakthrough:

  • Ben Southall, Founder – Best Life Adventures: Real-life experiences of world-record-setting endurance challenges and wilderness adventures that will help you build resilience, resolve and confidence whilst improving our problem-solving skills.
  • John Knight, Founder – Business Depot: Business adviser and workshop facilitator with an adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit who will dig deep into your current business model and help shape it for a better future.
  • Aaron Birkby, Founder – Peak Persona: Performance guru who will focus your mind to find the best version of yourself and get the most and best out of every day.
  • Anthony Willoughby, Founder – The Nomadic School of Business: Lean on the nomadic way of living to reflect on your vision and focus and strip back the complexities of the modern world in which we live.

You will need to be either a:

  1. A startup
  2. A business owner
  3. Senior Manager in your business
  4. About to start your business

The expedition is led by Ben Southall, Adventureprenuer and founder of Best Life Adventures and has a minimum number of 16 participants to go ahead.

For more details about the itinerary, payment details and when we can facilitate a program such as this, click the ENQUIRE button to register your interest.


  • Flights: International return flights from Brisbane to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Additional costs for anyone leaving from somewhere other than Brisbane.
  • Workshops: Facilitated business and personal development workshops including access to experts in their fields to coach and guide you
  • Accommodation: All accommodation. We will stay in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar on the first and last night, and in gerrs (yurts) throughout our wilderness experience.
  • Other: All meals, soft drinks and water, local transport, guides, entrance fees and all activities etc.

Insurance: You MUST have travel insurance to cover all eventualities on the trip including medical expenses, lost luggage, cancellations and delays. It must also cover leisure horse riding, mountain biking and trekking as activities on the policy.

Every single Best Life Adventure changes me and that’s exactly why I seek them out. Venturer Whitsundays gave me clarity on major life decisions. Trekking to Everest Base Camp taught me how to ask for help, and Mongolia taught me how to slow down – to do half as much in order to double my impact.
Aaron Birkby

Founder, Peak Persona

It sounds quite dramatic to say that our trip to Mongolia was life-changing, yet that is what it was for me. The digital disconnection meant we had conversations which were deeper and more meaningful and really had an impact on how I work and live. It gave me the space to process what I wanted to do moving forward while appreciating where I’ve come from and some key milestones along the way.
Julia Telford

Director and Activator, Engage & Create Consulting


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