Tucked away in the high country of the Snowy Mountains are some hidden gems that are well worth a visit. The iconic, hidden huts of Kosciusko National Park were once a vital safety haven in a desolate landscape. Today they offer more than a resting place, they’re seriously photographic – you just have to get to them.

Amidst the serene white blanket that covers the Snowy Mountains in winter, lie numerous huts that offer adventurers a peek into the past and an off-the-grid escape. These historic shelters, standing tough against the harsh winter elements, beckon the brave to experience solitude and beauty in its purest form.

Here are five of the best we’re striving to visit over winter 2024. Our Mount Jagungal Wilderness Expedition will take in at least two. Will you join us?

Seamans Hut

    • Elevation: 2,015m
    • N Adventures: Kosciuszko, Mt. Townsend

Seamans Hut offers a haven for hikers caught in unexpectedly rough weather in Kosciuszko National Park. Built in memory of a skier who perished nearby, this shelter sits at the roof of Australia, providing a playground of adventure in its surrounds.

In winter, backcountry and cross-country skiers call Seamans Hut their home while ploughing down Australia’s high-country.

Valentine Hut

  • Elevation: 1,685m
  • Nearby Adventures: Valentine falls, Wesley Mountain

Originally built in the 1950s for a surveying crew, Valentine Hut is notable for its distinctive red paint and white hearts. Positioned at the top of the Munyang corridor, it housed essential communication gear for the Snowy Mountains Authority over its life span.

Cascade Hut

    • Elevation: 1,491m
    • Nearby Adventures: Bob’s Ridge, Tin Mines Trail

Cascade Hut lies deep in Kosciuszko National Park, accessible via the Cascade Trail. This historic hut, surrounded by natural beauty, serves as a perfect stop for snowshoers and hikers ready for a slog exploring the area’s remote trails.

Tin Hut

  • Elevation: 1,855m
  • Nearby Adventures: Gungartan, Mt Porcupine

Like Valentine Hut, Tin Hut embodies the rich history and enduring spirit of the Snowy Mountains’ pioneers. Blanketed by snow in the winter, this hut has a lot of ‘character’ that is sure to provide as an oasis amongst the nearby challenging terrain.

Cootapatamba Hut

  • Elevation: 1,855m
  • Nearby Adventures: Lake Cootapatamba, Mt. Kosciuszko

Cootapatamba Hut stands as an emergency shelter near Australia’s highest lake, Lake Cootapatamba. Its location, deep within Kosciuszko National Park makes it a vital point for hikers tackling the everchanging landscape of the Snowy Mountains in the depths of winter.

Whilst these huts may be iconic and easy to visit during the summer months, getting to them when they’re in the depths of winter becomes a true winter adventure as they’re in the middle of ‘whoop whoop’ (or nowhere if you don’t speak Aussie). How many have you been to?

If you’re up for an adventure of a different kind, strap on your skis, fill your sled and join our latest Best Life Adventure, Mt Jagungal Wilderness.


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